Nidia Bautista is a journalist who writes on migration, human rights and gender issues in the Americas. She is a May 2018 graduate of GloJo, NYU joint master’s degree program with CLACS, NYU’s Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies—Nidia’s program— and seven other area studies and International Relations programs. Her work, selections of which are below, has appeared in such publications as NPR’s Latino USA, which recently published her master’s project on femicide in one of the deadliest places in Mexico; Al Jazeera English; Bustle; Latino Rebels, and LAND, Latin America News Dispatch, where she remains a proud contributor.

Latin American News Dispatch (LAND)

“Porros”: The Criminal Shock Groups Disrupting Student Protests in Mexico

International Organizations Call for End to Violence Against Journalists in Mexico

Al Jazeera English

LA teachers strike for ‘practically same reasons’ as 29 years ago

Murder of Honduran teens highlight dangers for refugees at border


How This Migrant Shelter In Tijuana Supports Girls & Their Families As They Seek Asylum

I’m A Chicana Reporter Covering Femicide In Mexico & I Won’t Let Women’s Stories Be Erased

NPR’s Latino USA

Surviving One of Mexico’s Deadliest Places for Women

Critiques of Netflix’s MADE IN MEXICO Reflect Ongoing Diversity Issue in Latin American Media, Experts Say

Latino Rebels

With TPS Elimination Looming, a Painful Prospect for Central American Migrants


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