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This is just to float a balloon, to continue the Twitter conversation 11/28/16 about the reporting of an important newsmaker’s unsubstantiated and likely false statements without turbo-charging these comments so that they keep ricocheting across the universe. This happens, in … continue reading

a Nellie Bly Excerpt from Undercover Reporting: The Truth About Deception

An Excerpt about Nellie Bly from Brooke Kroeger’s 2012 Undercvoer Reporting: The Truth about Deception pages 63-68 By Brooke Kroeger excerpt-undercover-reporting    


Will Nellie Bly be your topic for this year’s National History Day competition? And will you want to get in touch with me for an interview with a living person? If so, since there are always so many of you, … continue reading

Re-Dating History

Re-DATING HISTORY This panel presentation of October 2014 was published in essay form in American Journalism, Vol. 32, Iss. 4, December 9, 2015 Brooke Kroeger, New York University [from a panel presentation, AJHA, 9 October 2014, Minneapolis MN] Kate Bolick is … continue reading

IRE Journal – “Undercover Reporting: An American Tradition”

“The point is, undercover reporting has continued, ethical conundrums and all, in a steady and uninterrupted flow since at least the 1840s. . . ” continue reading

Jhistory via H-NET, “Undercover Reporting: The Truth About Deception”

” . . . this book is a treasure for the wide variety of material that it has unearthed and made available. . . . ” continue reading

CommPilings (Annenberg School for Communication Library) “Undercover Reporting Database”

“This is a really interesting resource. Kuds to the NYU Libraries for getting the database to this point and for its future development.” continue reading

International Journal of Communication, Undercover Reporting: The Truth About Deception

“while Undercover Reporting will certainly help spin the wheels of debate over journalistic ethics in undercover forays . . . what is arguably more important is the notable contribution it makes to chronicling the evolution of a long-standing practice in American journalism.” continue reading

Report on behalf of WNYC 2010-13 for the Revson Foundation

Looks at WNYC’s embrace of digital to expand and deepen local coverage and increase user engagement, 2010-13. continue reading

WNYC’s Ups and Downs with Collaborations, Digital Push, Quadrupling Newsroom

“Now comes an independent 55-page “warts-and-all report,” which WNYC commissioned me to do at Revson’s behest, . . . .” continue reading

Journalism & Mass Communication Educator, Undercover Reporting: The Truth about Deception

” . . . each presenting a strong and precise examination of undercover work . . . the discussions present two arguments intertwined . . . essential if one were to use this in the classroom.” continue reading

Gateway Journalism Review, “Impact of Mirage Series Still Felt 35 Years Later”

“…Perhaps denying the prize was seen as an action that could be easily taken and would reassure the public,” Kroeger said. continue reading

Newspaper Research Journal, “Undercover Reporting: The Truth About Deception”

“Her research is extraordinarily thorough . . . She presents chapters on every imaginable type of investigation. . . Besides being a fascinating read for journalists, Undercover Reporting is an invaluable pedagogical tool.” continue reading

Journal of Pacific History, “Undercover Reporting: The Truth About Deception”

“She proceeds to make her case in detail: over almost 300 pages of text and 175 pages of notes and bibliography.” continue reading

“Journalists Go Undercover to Report on Slavery”

“Telling true stories about slavery often requires the use of surreptitious techniques.” continue reading

NYU Research Digest, “NYU Launches Undercover Reporting Database”

“Researching the book changed my perception of the practice and its role in journalism history.” continue reading

International Journalists’ Network: “Finding Hidden Gems in the Undercover Reporting Database”

” . . . a vital history of muckraking in the US. . . . ” continue reading

Library Journal Infodocket: “New Reference Resource: NYU Launches History of Undercover Reporting Database”

Library Journal InfoDocket Academic Newswire “New Reference Resource: NYU Launches History of Undercover Reporting Database” 6 August 2012 By Gary Price From NYU News: New York University has launched a database chronicling undercover journalism dating back to the 1800s. The … continue reading

“Why Surreptitiousness Works”

An argument for a restoration of honor and legitimacy to the discomfiting techniques of undercover reporting. continue reading

“Anatomy of the Great Banana-Smoking Hoax of 1967”

Conflicting accounts still circulate as to how the Banana-Peel Smoking Hoax of 1967 got started and who reported it first. continue reading

“Newsroom to Classroom: Books as a Thread of Connection”

With a forthcoming book about undercover reporting, her fourth, a j-school professor keeps her focus on familiar topics. continue reading

BBQ Nation: “Ribs and Ritual in Kansas City”

For a native of Kansas City, only one kind of barbecue will satisfy. continue reading

“Brooke Kroeger on James O’Keefe and Undercover Reporting”: A CJR Podcast

“Is James O’Keefe a journalist? Does it matter?” continue reading

On Cherry-picking Other People’s Work

“Their reactions to the uncredited appropriation in each of these cases ranged from rage, especially when the offense was recent, to the more common shrug. None was willing to be quoted telling tales. None wanted to risk appearing petty . . . ” continue reading

“Reporting on People: The Biographical Imperative”

“. . . it is, in my view, a terrible mistake in biography to add the overlay of ideology or trendy psychological analysis and interpretation, so dependent on fashion, school of psychological thought, historical moment, or societal more. It only serves to date the work.” continue reading

Redefining Writing: New Models in Journalistic Practice

  “Redefining Writing: New Models of Journalistic Practice” By Brooke Kroeger New York University[i] August 2006 Adapted from a panel presentation at the AEJMC convention in San Francisco, 2 August 2006     ABSTRACT: With all the current emphasis on media … continue reading

“When a Dissertation Makes a Difference'”

Profile of Professor Devah Pager and her prisoner studies. continue reading

“Journalism with a Scholar’s Intent”

Journalism with a scholar’s intent, if not a scholar’s schedule. continue reading

Hiding in Plain Sight

Review of Nella Larsen’s Passing: A Novel continue reading

“When Applause Isn’t Welcome”

Meet the classical music-goers as “applaudience.” continue reading

“No Girls Allowed”

Review of Nancy Caldwell Sorel’s The Women Who Wrote the War continue reading

“Nellie Bly: She Did It All”

What emerged from the National Archives in the research for a biography of Elizabeth Cochrane Seaman, aka Nellie Bly. continue reading

“My Bombshell Mom”

“Which is harder: living in the shadow of a beautiful mother or watching her beauty disappear?” continue reading

“The Road Less Rewarded”

“As Professions Become Female-Dominated, Status and Pay Seem to Slip. Now Researchers Are Asking Why and Turning Up Some Surprising Conclusions.” continue reading

American Journalism Review – Review – Nellie Bly: Daredevil, Reporter, Feminist

“Kroeger tells this story briskly and thoroughly. Her work is both a good read and an important historical rescue mission.” continue reading

Nellie Bly’s Forgotten Sisters

   Speech to Fellows of The Freedom Forum Media Studies Center (and at the Newseum in Washington, D.C.) NELLIE BLY’S FORGOTTEN SISTERS: Recovering the Long-Lost History of Women in Journalism September 22, 1993 Brooke Kroeger bk-freedomforum-sisters Listen to this list of … continue reading

“Against All Odds: Three Fledgling Businesses Brave the Recession”

Businesses that successfully bucked the recession in the early 1990s. continue reading

“Small Successes Yield Big Returns”

With training and loans, women in Honduras are transforming their microenterprises into profitable businesses. continue reading

“Back to the Futurists: On a clear day, they can see tomorrow.”

What the futurists predicted was ahead at the start of the 1990s. continue reading

“AIDS and the Girl Next Door”

” What, besides impending death, did she have in common with convicts and heroin addicts?” continue reading

“Power Divorce”

“High-earning, professional women are the big losers in the divorce courts.” continue reading

“Among the Fresh A Dweeb Is at a Loss”

Teenage slang in 1989. continue reading

“New Frontiers: Divorced but Friends”

Divorced but still together–sort of. continue reading

“Viewpoint: The New York Newsday Interview with Stella Shindler. She Checks Out Heartbreak Hotels”

Q & A with Stella Shindler. continue reading

“Funds on the Defensive”

Mutual funds in the aftermath of the crash of 1987. continue reading

“Viewpoint: The New York Newsday Interview with Mariana Leighton: Learning How the Other Half Lives”

Q&A with Mariana Leighton. continue reading

“Tough Assignment”

“When her doctor diagnosed breast cancer, this veteran reporter stumbled into the story of her life.” continue reading

“Letting the Services Come to You — At Home”

What personal services can a person order up at home? continue reading

“Raising a Million for ‘Les Mis’ ”

How a psychologist and a professor got a major insurance company to raise more than a million dollars for the Broadway production of “Les Mis.” continue reading

“One Woman’s Odyssey: 47th Street”

In New York’s diamond district. continue reading

“Feeling Poor on $600,000 a Year”

The young New York investment bankers with staggering $600,000-a-year incomes are not rich and may never be. continue reading

“Heavy Duty”

At the docks with a longshorewoman. continue reading

“Women Who Do Nothing: Often there’s more to them than meets the eye”

How the women of leisure not only spend their days but think about them. continue reading

“Poster Man: City Framing Me: NYCLU Asking If Rights Are Violated”

The someone putting up incendiary posters all over New York. continue reading

“A Limited Consensus for Women”

Outcome: The 1985 U.N. Decade of Women conference in Nairobi. continue reading

“A Global Problem in One Village”

“While international groups debate family-planning policy, women in a Kenyan village consider their choices. Debate and Reality in Kenya” continue reading

“Women’s Rights Minister”

“Yvette Roudy says France will need a women’s rights monitor for ‘generations.'” continue reading

“Women Have Fundamentalist Woes”

Women and fundamentalism around the globe, 1985. continue reading

“A New Form of Abolitionism”

“Women organize to fight ‘sexual slavery’ around the world.” continue reading

“Bella Steals the Show”

“If Women Ruled the World.” continue reading

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