NOTICE: The Literary Ladies: Guide to the Writing Life—Fannie Hurst—by Nava Atlas

“In examining the life of this great, celebrated, and yet now nearly forgotten woman, Brooke Kroeger
also explores the curious backslide in the progress of women in general from the Depression to the 1960s.” continue reading

NOTICE: Lenny Letter: Fannie Hurst: First Celebrity Dieter

July 18, 2017 By Laura Shapiro America’s First Celebrity Dieter Fannie Hurst was a blockbuster novelist and a groundbreaking feminist in the roaring ’20s. So why was she obsessed with being thin? Christina Chung Let’s say it’s the 1920s, … continue reading

NOTICE: “Hurst and Hurston” – Tablet Magazine

Book Reviews HURST AND HURSTON Seventy years after their road trip, the best-selling sentimental novelist has run out of gas, while Zora is still in the driver’s seat. Hurst and Hurston By Kate Bolick March 4, 2005 • 1:02 PM … continue reading

REVIEW: Bookforum: “Luxury and Degradation: Read It and Weep”

“Fannie Hurst lives on because several of her stories and novels were made into movies that people still watch . . .” continue reading

REVIEW: Buffalo News: “Biography Captures Hurst’s Life, Gift for Storytelling”

“Hurst’s life and gift for storytelling are excellent material for Brooke Kroeger, her equally gifted storyteller-biographer . . .” continue reading

REVIEW: The Jerusalem Report: “Learning to Love Her People”

“The feeling of stigma associated with being Jewish remained forever with Hurst, . . .” continue reading

REVIEW: The Commercial Appeal: “Where Have You Gone, Fannie Hurst?”

“Brooke Kroeger tries to bring Hurst alive in her exhaustive biography, but somehow she misses. . . .” continue reading

REVIEW: Women’s Review of Books: “Writing for Her Life”

“… And finally, we have a first major biography of Fannie Hurst.” continue reading

REVIEW: New York Times: “Fannie”

“. . . Kroeger likens Hurst to a factory.” continue reading

REVIEW: The Atlantic: “Fannie”

“Kroeger . . . gives a thorough explanation of the rivalries and piracies of magazine editors . . . ” continue reading

REVIEW: Salon: “Fannie: The Talent for Success of Writer Fannie Hurst”

“A life of one of the great trash novelists argues that (clunky metaphors aside) it’s time for a revival.” continue reading

Newsday: “Fannie: The Talent for Success of Writer Fannie Hurst”

“Kroeger chronicles Hurst’s myriad activities with engaging verve . . . ” continue reading

REVIEW: Los Angeles Times: “Citizen Hurst”

“Part of Kroeger’s project, as her subtitle “the talent for success” would suggest, is to demonstrate Hurst’s own self-fashioning. . . . ” continue reading

REVIEW: Booklist: “Fannie: The Talent for Success of Writer Fannie Hurst”

“. . . a radiant portrait that also incisively illuminates the mores of her turbulent times.” continue reading

REVIEW: Library Journal: “Fannie: The Talent for Success of Writer Fannie Hurst”

“Fannie will please readers . . . seeking insight into the cultural and social attitudes of the early part of this century. . . . ” continue reading

REVIEW: Publishers Weekly: “Fannie: The Talent for Success of Writer Fannie Hurst Is Reviewed”

“Kroeger succinctly lays out the basics of Hurst’s career . . . ” continue reading