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Brooke Kroeger in East Hampton

VIDEO: ARTE MEDIA-France-On the Men of Suffrage (with an East Hampton flavoring) INVITATION EN VOYAGE

April 2021 at 36:47 is a piece on the Suffragents featuring Brooke with an East Hampton backdrop for  the French Arte Media show, “Invitation en Voyage.”  

NOTICE: Forbes.com: Seven Career Lessons from the Suffrage Movement

    Aug. 31, 2020 By Joan Michelson https://www.forbes.com/sites/joanmichelson2/2020/08/30/7-career-lessons-for-today-from-the-suffrage-movement/#2b43fe7b2c7b

EVENT: Meet the Suffragents at the Avon (CT) Free Public Library, August 18, 2020 (rescheduled for Zoom)

  Please register at this link:  https://www.avonctlibrary.info/event/suffragents-event-with-author/

ARTICLE: National Women’s Suffrage Centennial Commission Suff Buffs Blog: Should We Care What the Men Did?

“Imagine what it must have meant for “the thinking men of our country, the brains of our colleges, of commerce and literature,” in suffrage leader Carrie Chapman Catt’s phrase, to involve themselves with such gusto in a campaign designed to dilute their preeminence at the ballot box.” continue reading

REVIEW: Xio’s Scribble: The Suffragents: How Women Used Men to Get the Vote

“Brooke Kroeger’s writing style kept me engaged. Although the book was extremely detailed, it read like a story not like a history textbook. The reading experience turned out to be a pleasant surprise. It was a captivating story with a very happy ending.” continue reading

ARTICLE, PODCAST: ForbesWomen, Forbes.com and Green Connections and Radio: “From Dowdy to Dazzling: Lessons for Women Today from the Suffragists”

“To commemorate that centennial, this Women’s History Month, I sat down with one of the foremost chroniclers of the suffrage movement, Brooke Kroeger, to tell us how it happened and glean lessons for women today. ” continue reading

NOTICE: National Archives News “How Suffragents Helped Women Get the Vote

  How ‘Suffragents’ Helped Women Get the Vote Facebook Twitter By James Worsham | National Archives News WASHINGTON, November 14, 2019 —The drive for women’s suffrage in the early 20th century got a big boost from men who were sympathetic … continue reading

EVENT: National Archives Panel, Women Suffragists and the Men Who Supported Them: The Suffragents and Their Role in the Struggle for the Vote

The panel, moderated by Betsy Fischer Martin, Executive Director, Women and Politics Institute, American University School of Public Affairs, includes Brooke Kroeger, author of The Suffragents: How Women Used Men to Get the Vote,; Johanna Newman, author of Gilded Suffragists; Susan Ware, author of Why They Marched; and others. continue reading

EVENT: NYU Bentson Deans Lecture “What We Can Learn About Allyship from ‘Suffragents’ Who Helped Women Get the Vote”

“What can those with visibility and influence do–beyond stating support for a particular movement–to combat injustice? Can those with power and privilege advance the interests of others–without hijacking or getting in the way of the efforts of the marginalized groups they mean to support?” continue reading

NOTICE: Documentary: The Nineteenth Amendment: A Woman’s Right to Vote


REVIEW: Let’s Rock the Cradle: Planning for 2020 Suffrage Centennials: The Suffragents

“Brooke Kroeger notes in her study of the men allies or suffragents that such public support by men of women’s concerns and issues is unprecedented in US history, then as well as now. This is something to consider today as the women’s movement is encountering road blocks in its struggle to put equal rights as a guarantee in the US Constitution. Where are the men supporters?” continue reading

REVIEW: SuffrageCentennials.com: Book on Votes for Women “Suffragents” Raises Questions for Women Today

“Was their participation as ‘suffragents’ lost in recall because of the fullness of the subsequent twenty, thirty, forty, or fifty years in most of their lives? Or was the downplaying deliberate, a postchivalrous response to obscure their role in the great women’s epic, as good allies should; that certainly has been the effect. It would be consistent that the men preferred to be in the historical shadows…” continue reading

REVIEW: Albany Times-Union: Biancolli: It’s Past Time to Widen History’s Lens

“But there’s an elemental and patronizing weirdness behind this urge to parcel out the calendar demographically, and I won’t even begin to touch on international (fill-in-the-blank) days. I worry that zeroing in on the One Designated Month makes it easier to ignore certain constituencies and histories the remainder of the year.” continue reading

REVIEW: H-Net Reviews The Suffragents by Kristina Graves, Clayton State University, Stillwell School of the Arts

“Suffragents is one of the first works to fully examine male involvement in the American suffrage movement, an area of historical study that has long been ignored by suffrage historians.” continue reading

NOTICE: New York Society Library Blog: “Votes for Women!” February 1, 2019

“Brooke Kroeger gave engaging remarks about the suffrage movement and some of its striking personalities . . . and shared with us a wonderful summary, video, and commentary about the evening, the exhibition, and the history.” continue reading

EVENT: Exhibition Opening Remarks: Women Get the Vote: A Historic Look at the 19th Amendment, New York Society Library

“So, this is to say that the right to vote is not some romantic notion.” continue reading

REVIEW: CHOICE Reviews – February 2018

“Meticulous” “Highly recommended.” continue reading

REVIEW: Hudson River Valley Review of the Suffragents – Spring 2018 – By Susan Goodier

“The historiography of the women suffrage movement has been greatly advanced thanks to this valuable study, which has the potential for being the definitive full-length work on the role men played in this movement. It is a fascinating look at an aspect of the suffrage story rarely considered.” continue reading

NOTICE-AWARD: A 2018 Independent Publisher Gold Medal for The Suffragents-US-History-Category

“GOLD: Suffragents: How Women Used Men to Get the Vote, by Brooke Kroeger (SUNY Press)” continue reading

NOTICE: The Village Voice: “Nell Scovell Thinks More Men Should Be Leading the Women’s Movement” By Lara Zarum, March 29, 2018

“. . . called The Suffragents, and it’s about how men, mostly husbands of the women in the suffrage movement, worked to help get women the vote. It’s about equality. They’re part of the equation.”.” continue reading

ARTICLE: Timeline: The Little-Known Story of the Men Who Fought for Women’s Votes

“From a contemporary standpoint, it is remarkable to consider that 100 years ago, these prominent men not only gave their names to the cause of women’s rights or called in the odd favor, but invested in the fight.” continue reading

ARTICLE: Zocalo Public Square: How The Suffragists Used a Few Good Men to Help Get the Vote – Brooke Kroeger

Only Eastman pondered the emotional forces that had been at play for him. “There was nothing harder for a man with my mamma’s-boy complex to do than stand up and be counted as a ‘male suffragette,’” he later wrote. Such passionate engagement with a women’s cause not only signified an assertion of his manhood, he explained, “but that I had passed beyond the need for asserting it.” continue reading

REVIEW: New York Times: New Yorkers and the Women’s Suffrage Movement

What’s indisputable is the spectrum of men who joined with the coalition of rural, immigrant, black and radical women who were at the forefront of the movement.

“Professor Kroeger’s prodigiously researched book traces the role of men (who provided credibility to a movement financed by wealthy women) at least as far back as 1875, when Thomas Paine’s essay, “An Occasional Letter on the Female Sex,” was published.” continue reading

VIDEO, NOTICE: New York Times NY via Youtube: “New Yorkers and the Women’s Suffrage Movement”

“The Times had repeatedly editorialized that letting women vote would “derange” the social and political structure.” continue reading

ARTICLE: New York Daily News Guest Columnist: Women’s Partners in Making History: The Men Who Help Power Progress

“All of this should remind us that the flip-side of outrage or protest is a vision of what should exist in its stead. An important lesson of suffrage is that men’s support, both in and outside legislatures, is essential to correcting the gender inequalities that still fester. As Christine Lagarde, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund, put it this summer, ‘Men have to endorse the project as much as women.'” continue reading

NOTICE: Kirkus Features: Brooke Kroeger, Author of The Suffragents

“Quite a few editors did not like this idea,” she says. “Responses came back like, ‘I’d like to work with Brooke but never about this.’ I’m not kidding. Or, ‘Who cares what the men did?’ That was pretty typical.” continue reading

REVIEW: Kirkus Reviews: The Suffragents

“A vigorous, readable revisitation of the events of a century and more ago but with plenty of subtle lessons in the book for modern-day civil rights activists, too.” continue reading

ARTICLE: Town & Country: A New Book Pays Tribute to the Society Women Who Paved the Way for Suffrage

“Immortalized in bronze on a statehouse plaque are 83 veterans of the New York State women’s suffrage campaign—and nearly one fifth of those names also appear in the 1917 Social Register.” continue reading

ARTICLE: “Wise vs. Silverman, or New York’s Historic Women’s Suffrage Rabbinical Smack-Down” – Tablet Magazine

“Part of the little-known women’s history that is men’s history, too. As civic-minded New Yorkers, as major religious leaders . . . became key figures on opposing sides.” continue reading

NOTICE, PODCAST: “You Got to Have Friends” Episode 104 of Unorthodox, the Tablet magazine podcast: Brooke Kroeger on the Men Behind Women’s Suffrage

“This episode is brought to you by the letter A, for ally.” continue reading

NOTICE: BillMoyers.com-“Men’s Rights? Simple: Same as Ours” – Lynn Sherr

“Memo to misogynists: We’ve got way better role models with far saner outlooks. So let’s give them the respect they deserve.” continue reading

REVIEW: East Hampton Star: “A Few Good Men” Review of the Suffragents

“Ms. Kroeger, in true journalistic fashion, details the various conversations, correspondence, and setbacks of the campaign, as well as the eventual success the National American Woman Suffrage Association had in gaining the vote.” continue reading

ARTICLE: The Gotham Center for New York City History: The Men Who Helped Women Get the Vote

“From a contemporary standpoint, it is remarkable to consider that one hundred years ago, these prominent men — highly respected and influential, their exploits chronicled regularly in the national media — not only gave their names to the cause of women’s rights or called in the odd favor, but rather invested in the fight.” continue reading

ARTICLE: Gotham Center for New York City History: “When the Editorial Elite Threw Their Fedoras Into the Ring for Women’s Rights” – Brooke Kroeger

“These men of the press did not stay out of the fray. They stood up, spoke up, and acted up. They took sides to help right a wrong. They were prescient about the course history was poised to take, indeed, needed to take, and they helped history to take it.” continue reading

ARTICLE: Gotham Center for New York City History: “When the Suffrage Movement Got Its Makeover On” by Brooke Kroeger

“Bly’s point was this: intellectual or not, for a woman, neglect of appearance is a weakness, not a strength. “And in working for a cause,” she went on, “I think it is wise to show the men that its influence does not make woman any the less attractive.” Even more to the point, she said, “Dress is a great weapon in the hands of a woman if rightly applied. It is a weapon men lack, so women should make the most of it. Why not use the powerful means of pretty clothes?” continue reading

NOTICE: US World War I Centennial Commission: Four Questions for Brooke Kroeger

“A remarkable new book has appeared on the World War I scene, one that traces the origins of the Women’s Suffrage movement in America, and it’s relationship to America’s war effort 100 years ago.” continue reading

NOTICE: NYU Features: What Allies Today Could Learn from ‘Suffragents’ Who Helped Women Get the Vote

” . .. . But a would-be feminist champion like Ashton Kutcher might have avoided a few common mistakes if he had read NYU journalism proefessor Brooke Kroeger’s latest book, which relates lessons from the little known story of how a group of powerful men offered themselves as foot soldiers in the fight for women’s suffrage a century ago.” continue reading

NOTICE: Smithsonian VIP : “The Men Who Marched With the Suffragents: From Rabbi Stephen S. Wise to W.E.B. DuBois, Men from All Walks of Life Fought to Get Women a Place at the Polls

“Was memory of these actions lost in the fullness of the next 20 to 50 years of their large lives? Or did the men deliberately downplay their role in the movement all good allies should? The latter would be consistent with the League’s comportment throughout the decade of its existence, but we’re left to wonder.” continue reading

NOTICE: Jamais Sans Elle (France): Les Suffragents: ces hommes puissants, humbles allies du droit de vote des femmes

    8 Janvier 2018 Les Suffragents : ces hommes puissants, humbles alliés du droit de vote des femmes Les Suffragents : ces hommes puissants, humbles alliés du droit de vote des femmes On 8 janvier 2018 Il y a … continue reading

NOTICE: NYU RESEARCH (Fall 2017): Bookshelf

The Men’s League “willingly acted on orders from and in tandem with th ewomen who ran the greater state and national suffrage campaigns.” continue reading

NOTICE: The Spirit and Our Town: Street Corners That Gave Women the Vote by Douglas Feiden

“Most of the great and wondrous ideas of the suffrage movement were either New York-born or New York-borne creations,” said New York University journalism professor Brooke Kroeger, the author of “The Suffragents: How Women Used Men to Get the Vote.” continue reading

NOTICE: Newsday: Author Events on Long Island, week of Nov. 12, 2017

“Local and big-time writers sign their works on all corners of the Island.” continue reading

NOTICE: New York Magazine’s Bedford + Bowery: On Women’s Suffrage Centenary, Some Feminists Push for a Constitutional Convention

“Before then, the movement for women’s suffrage was mostly confined to western states; not until 1917 was there a successful referendum in New York. Its passage was contingent on male voters, after considerable activism from both women and male ‘suffragents.’” continue reading

REVIEW: Hudson River Valley Review: The Suffragents: How Women Used Men to Get the Vote

Kroeger relies on a comprehensive bibliography of sources on woman’s suffrage to credit these men without diminishing the lead role that women played in establishing the movement and directing the energy of supporters to maximize impact.      continue reading

NOTICE: Hudson Valley Chronogram: Holiday Book Signing with Local Arthurs at the Beekman Arms November 5, 2017

a rare convergence of top local authors including Jon Bowermaster, Nava Atlas, and Vern Benjamin. These Hudson Valley literary icons will be joined by other important authors like Leslie Sharpe (The Quarry Fox: And Other Critters of the Wild Catskills), Stephen Silverman (The Catskills: Its History and How It Changed America), and Brooke Kroeger (The Suffragents). continue reading

Northern Dutchess News: NOTICE: Bliss for Bibliophiles: Book It to the Beekman Arms This Sunday for a Holiday Signing Event

“With New York celebrating the centenary of women’s suffrage in the state, NYU professor Brooke Kroeger puts in a timely appearance with ‘The Suffragents,’ the story of how and why a group of prominent, influential men from New York City and beyond came together to help women gain the right to vote.” continue reading

NOTICE: Poughkeepsie Journal: Meet Local Authors at Holiday Book Signing in Rhinebeck

“Bibliophiles and local history fans can start their holiday shopping early with an autographed book during the Holiday Book Signing this weekend.” continue reading

NOTICE: Hamptons.com: New York Celebrates 100th Anniversary of Women’s Right to Vote: Suffrage Movement: Local Historians Make Sure Women Don’t Forget!

“Recognizing this momentous occasion has had many local historians, descendants, scholars and authors, including NYU Journalism Professor Brooke Kroeger, author of “The Suffragents: How Women Used Men To Get the Vote,” and Antonia Petrash and Arlene Hinkemeyer, offering lectures on local history and publishing new books.” continue reading

EVENT: At the Brentwood Public Library

November 6, 2017  

EVENT: Woodlawn’s Suffragents: How Women Used Men to Get the Vote

October 2017 https://www.thewoodlawncemetery.org/woodlawns-suffragents/ Woodlawn’s Suffragents The Woodlawn Cemetery is nationally known as the final resting place for many of the women that led the suffrage movement including:  Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Alva Belmont, Katherine Duer Mackay and Carrie Chapman Catt.  Through … continue reading

NOTICE: Broadway World – NYU Steinhardt to Stage HEAR THEM ROAR to Commemorate 100 Years of Women’s Suffrage in NY – Talk Back by Brooke Kroeger October 26, 2017

“The Thursday, October 26 performance will feature a talk back after the show with Professor Burt Neuborne, who held the Inez Milholland Chair at NYU Law for the past ten years, and NYU Journalism Professor Brooke Kroeger, who wrote the recent book The Suffragents: How Women Used Men to Get the Vote.” continue reading

NOTICE: States News Service: “What Allies Could Learn from Suffragents Who Helped Women Get the Vote”

“I got chills when I read that line,” Kroeger reflects. “When else, before or since, have men ever behaved that way over a women’s issue?” continue reading

REVIEW: San Francisco Book Review: The Suffragents

“A decent attempt to put the New York story in the larger nationwide picture.” continue reading

REVIEW: The Hudson River Valley Review: A Journal of Regional Studies – Review of the Suffragents by Andrew Villani, Marist College, Autumn 2017

“Kroeger relies on a comprehensive bibliography of sources on woman’s suffrage to credit these men without diminishing the lead role that women played in establishing the movement and directing the energy of supporters to maximize impact.” continue reading

NOTICE: Q&A on the Suffragents with Anne Boyd Rioux of Non-Fiction Fans

“Breeze? Well, more of a wind tunnel. I’d use the term “invigorating slog” as the hunt for material always energizes me. I’m nerdy enough that it is my idea of fun.” continue reading

NOTICE, PODCAST: Top of Mind with Julie Rose – “Taking a Cue from the Men Who Supported the Suffrage Movement”

In about a week at the United Nations in New York, ten heads of state, ten global CEOs and ten university presidents – all men – will gather to draw attention to women’s rights and empowerment. . . . If you wanted to be cheeky, you could call them ‘suffragents.’ continue reading

POST: HeforShe: “The HeforShe Men of Days Past”

“While women worked tirelessly for their right to vote, male allies were able “to advance the suffragist cause in spheres women couldn’t otherwise have reached.” And Kroeger notes something equally important: they didn’t ask for any credit in doing it.” continue reading

ARTICLE: The American Scholar: “Metropolis Rising: How the Big Apple Took Its Place Among the World’s Great Cities” (Review of Greater Gotham by Mike Wallace)

“…A brightly hued kaleidoscope of themes, facts, stories, and characters. Every turn of the cylinder rearranges the shiny bits into new configurations, fresh ways to consider the blink-of-an-eye transformation of New York City into an “imperial metropolis.” continue reading

NOTICE: Suffrage and the Media: Q&A with Brooke Kroeger about “The Suffragents” by Alex Kane

AK: “You devote some ink to WEB Du Bois in your book, but he was not a member of the Men’s League. Why did you think he was important enough to warrant mention in the book when he wasn’t part of the league?” continue reading

POST: Opzij Magazine (NL): HOE OOK MANNEN FEMINISME 1.0 EEN ZETJE GAVEN (How Men Also Gave Feminism 1.0 a Boost)


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