NOTICE: GIJN (Global Investigative Journalism Network) Guide to Undercover Reporting 2022 GIJN’s Guide to Undercover Reporting   9 hours ago  17 Illustration: Smaranda Tolosano This guide was written by GIJN’s Resource Center director Nikolia Apostolou and GIJN reporter Rowan Philp. Editing was by Reed Richardson and Laura Dixon. Illustrations are by Smaranda … continue reading

NOTICE: “On the Edge: The Ethics of Going Undercover” – Joshua Hunt – CJR

“Brooke Kroeger, a journalism professor at New York University and the author of Undercover Reporting: The Truth About Deception (2012), has for years advocated “a restoration of honor and legitimacy to the discomfiting techniques” of the practice…” continue reading

NOTICE: Washington Post: She Went Undercover to Expose Insane Asylum Horrors and Now Nellie Bly Is Getting Her Due

“Two days later, on Oct. 9, 1887, the New York World printed the first part of Bly’s two-part illustrated series on the front page of the Sunday feature section. The blaring headlines of the second installment enticed readers: “Inside the Madhouse,” “Nelly Bly’s Experience in the Blackwell’s Island Asylum,” “How the City’s Unfortunate Wards are Fed and Treated,” “The Terrors of Cold Baths and Cruel, Unsympathetic Nurses,” according to Kroeger’s book.” continue reading

REVIEW: American Journalism of Deception for Journalism’s Sake: the Undercover Reporting Database

“Deception for Journalism’s Sake: A Database is a spectacular find for journalism historians. The database, maintained by Professor Brooke Kroeger in collaboration with New York University libraries, contains original articles by undercover reporters, showcasing two centuries’ worth of investigative reports. The work of journalists who worked in sweatshops, feigned insanity, and even visited so-called “witches” to expose misconduct has been captured and preserved . . . ” continue reading

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NOTICE: Washington Babylon: Undercover Reporting Is an Essential tool That We Will Use When Merited

“Now, in a fabulous bit of irony, my article about the unethical behavior of lobbying firms has become, for some in the media, a story about my ethics in reporting the story. The lobbyists have attacked the story and me personally, saying that it was unethical of me to misrepresent myself when I went to speak to them”. continue reading

NOTICE: New York Times: “When a Reporter Is an Uninvited Guest” by Margaret Sullivan

“Brooke Kroeger, a New York University journalism professor whose book, “Undercover Reporting: The Truth About Deception,” was published last year, told me that one of the guiding principles in undercover reporting is that it should not do “unintended harm to persons not in a position to defend themselves.” That certainly was not the case here.” continue reading

NOTICE: Politico Magazine: Is It Ever Okay for Journalists to Lie? by Jack Shafer

“Lying and breaking the law are rightly considered the dark arts of journalism. But that doesn’t mean reporters must pretend to be Boy Scouts in their work. Nearly every journalist practices “deception lite” techniques that don’t rise to lying, lawlessness or even misrepresentation. For instance, when interviewing, some journalists bluff their targets or play stupid to get subjects to volunteer information. Totally legit. Others deliberately create uncomfortable silences for their subjects to fill.” continue reading

NOTICE: Washington Post: “How Mother Jones Went Undercover to Reveal Ugly Truths about For-Profit Prisons” by Margaret Sullivan

“Kroeger opens her book with a description of the Post’s investigation into the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, which won the Pulitzer Prize for exposing the deplorable quality of care for war veterans there. While never misrepresenting themselves…” continue reading

REVIEW: “Lasogna on Kroeger, Undercover Reporting: The Truth About Deception”-JHistory/HNet

“. . .in this impressive work, Brooke Kroeger does much to rescue the controversial reporting technique by recovering the important journalism produced through undercover reporting throughout the history of American journalism.” continue reading

NOTICE: New York Times: “For James Risen, A Struggle That Never Ends,” by Margaret Sullivan, Public Editor

“Brooke Kroeger, an author and professor of journalism at NYU, has explored this in considerably more depth.” continue reading

NOTICE: CJR-The Audit “WSJ’s Obamacare frame, undercover, too big to fail”

“Check out this great site from NYU on undercover reporting and its role in the great stories of the last 150 years.”. continue reading

REVIEW: Jhistory via H-NET, “Undercover Reporting: The Truth About Deception”

” . . . this book is a treasure for the wide variety of material that it has unearthed and made available. . . . ” continue reading

REVIEW: CommPilings (Annenberg School for Communication Library) “Undercover Reporting Database”

“This is a really interesting resource. Kuds to the NYU Libraries for getting the database to this point and for its future development.” continue reading

REVIEW: International Journal of Communication, Undercover Reporting: The Truth About Deception

“while Undercover Reporting will certainly help spin the wheels of debate over journalistic ethics in undercover forays . . . what is arguably more important is the notable contribution it makes to chronicling the evolution of a long-standing practice in American journalism.” continue reading

REVIEW: American Journalism, “Undercover Reporting: The Truth About Deception”

” . . . a thorough, thoughtful and useful account of how some very tricky topics have been journalistically excavated, along with the background of those urban cave explorers brave enough to dance with the dragons within . . . ” continue reading

NOTICE: (Finalist) – Frank Luther Mott – Kappa Tau Alpha Journalism & Mass Communication Research Award

Other finalists were Brooke Kroeger for Undercover Reporting: The Truth About Deception . . . continue reading

REVIEW: Journalism & Mass Communication Educator, Undercover Reporting: The Truth about Deception

” . . . each presenting a strong and precise examination of undercover work . . . the discussions present two arguments intertwined . . . essential if one were to use this in the classroom.” continue reading

REVIEW: Gateway Journalism Review, “Impact of Mirage Series Still Felt 35 Years Later”

“…Perhaps denying the prize was seen as an action that could be easily taken and would reassure the public,” Kroeger said. continue reading

REVIEW: CHOICE Online Reviews “Undercover Reporting: Deception for Journalism’s Sake: A Database”

“This invaluable research tool . . . makes a profound argument for undercover reporting as an inextricable part of US national history and as an essential mode in the public-service mission of news.” continue reading

NOTICE: New York Times Public Editor: “When a Reporter is an Uninvited Guest”

“If the subject interests you, see the fascinating website related to that book for many examples . . . ” continue reading

CHOICE – Undercover Reporting: The Truth About Deception

” . . . a well-argued defense for undercover reporting, rescuing the practice from the fringes of good journalism.” continue reading

REVIEW: Newspaper Research Journal, “Undercover Reporting: The Truth About Deception”

“Her research is extraordinarily thorough . . . She presents chapters on every imaginable type of investigation. . . Besides being a fascinating read for journalists, Undercover Reporting is an invaluable pedagogical tool.” continue reading

REVIEW: Journal of Pacific History, “Undercover Reporting: The Truth About Deception”

“She proceeds to make her case in detail: over almost 300 pages of text and 175 pages of notes and bibliography.” continue reading

REVIEW: The Internet Scout Reporter: “Undercover Reporting”

“The fascinating material here has been gathered into clusters, highlighting award-winning series, exemplary proponents of the practice or recurring themes . . . ” continue reading

REVIEW: Reuters: “Is It Ever Okay for Journalists to Lie”

“Kroeger aims to establish undercover reporting as a common technique, not just the work of a few rogue reporters—and to convince journalists that it ought to be used more often.” continue reading

REVIEW: Chicago Reader: “Undercover Reporting – Not as Dead as You’ve Heard”

“Undercover Reporting: The Truth About Deception is a clear-eyed look at sneakiness.” continue reading

NOTICE: Washington Square News, “New Online Database Provides Open Access to Undercover Journalism”

“This database is distinct because of its content, and because it is online-only,” Pearce said. continue reading

NOTICE: NYU Research Digest, “NYU Launches Undercover Reporting Database”

“Researching the book changed my perception of the practice and its role in journalism history.” continue reading

REVIEW: Columbia Journalism Review, “The Lying Game”

“Is it ever okay to tell a whopper in the name of journalism?” continue reading

PODCAST: Radio National (Australia) Media Report: “History of Undercover Reporting”

“. . . Brooke has written a history of the genre and has assembled a database of (mainly American) undercover journalism. But two of her earliest examples are Australian. . . . ” continue reading

REVIEW: 10,000 Words/Media Bistro: “New Database Tracks History of Undercover Reporting”

“Definitely bookmark worthy.” continue reading

REVIEW: International Journalists’ Network: “Finding Hidden Gems in the Undercover Reporting Database”

” . . . a vital history of muckraking in the US. . . . ” continue reading

NOTICE: Richard Prince’s Journal-isms: “Journalists of Color Part of ‘Undercover’ Database”

“Kroeger provided Journal-isms with this sampling of material in the project by or about people of color…” continue reading

REVIEW: Daily Kos: Readers and Books Lovers – Undercover Reporting: The Truth About Deception

“. . . Kroeger argues for a reconsideration of the place of oft-maligned journalistic practices.” continue reading

NOTICE:, “NYU Launches History of Undercover Reporting”

“Most digitized newspaper archives do not go back past the 1980s or 1990s and even for those that do, it’s difficult to search without exact details . . .” continue reading

NOTICE: Editor & Publisher, “NYU Launches History of Undercover Reporting”

“Much of this material has long been buried in microfilm in individual libraries and thus very difficult to retrieve . . . ” continue reading

REVIEW: Library Journal Infodocket: “New Reference Resource: NYU Launches History of Undercover Reporting Database”

Library Journal InfoDocket Academic Newswire “New Reference Resource: NYU Launches History of Undercover Reporting Database” 6 August 2012 By Gary Price From NYU News: New York University has launched a database chronicling undercover journalism dating back to the 1800s. The … continue reading

NOTICE: Gelf Magazine, “Practicing the Art of Deception”

“Brooke Kroeger shares lessons gleaned from gathering hundreds of years worth of undercover reporting.” continue reading