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13 pages PDF-version “Why Surreptitiousness Works”
2 pages “Newsroom to Classroom: Books as a Thread of Connection”
2 pages “Ribs and Ritual in Kansas City”
7 pages PDF-version “Nellie Bly: She Did It All”
6 pages PDF-version “The Road Less Rewarded:
As Professions Become Female-Dominated, Status and Pay Seem to Slip. Now Researchers Are Asking Why ' and Turning Up Some Surprising Conclusions.”

4 pages PDF-version “AIDS and the Girl Next Door”
2 pages PDF-version "Power Divorce: High-earning, professional women are the big losers in the divorce courts. Brooke Kroeger finds out why."  
4 pages PDF-version “Small Successes Yield Big Returns: With business training and loans, women in Honduras are transforming their micro-enterprises into profitable businesses. Who benefits most? Their families.”  
4 pages PDF-version

Women Who Do Nothing.”

4 pages PDF-version "Tough Assignment: When her doctor diagnosed breast cancer, this veteran reporter stumbled into the story of her life."  
11 pages PDF-version "Back to the Futurists: On a clear day, they can see tomorrow."  
2 pagesPDF-version "My Bombshell Mom: Which is harder: living in the shadow of a beautiful mother or watching her beauty disappear?"  
6 pages PDF-version "Against All Odds: Three fledgling businesses brave the recession."  
1 pagePDF-version "Bernadette Connor, Longshoreman,"
1 pagePDF-version "One Woman's Odyssey: 47th Street,"
More to come ...