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ARTICLE: IRE Journal – “Undercover Reporting: An American Tradition”

“The point is, undercover reporting has continued, ethical conundrums and all, in a steady and uninterrupted flow since at least the 1840s. . . ” continue reading

REVIEW: International Journal of Communication, Undercover Reporting: The Truth About Deception

“while Undercover Reporting will certainly help spin the wheels of debate over journalistic ethics in undercover forays . . . what is arguably more important is the notable contribution it makes to chronicling the evolution of a long-standing practice in American journalism.” continue reading

EVENT, POST: On Cherry-picking Other People’s Work

“Their reactions to the uncredited appropriation in each of these cases ranged from rage, especially when the offense was recent, to the more common shrug. None was willing to be quoted telling tales. None wanted to risk appearing petty . . . ” continue reading