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NOTICE: GIJN (Global Investigative Journalism Network) Guide to Undercover Reporting 2022

https://www.rnanews.eu/gijn-s-guide-to-undercover-reporting-289273.html GIJN’s Guide to Undercover Reporting   9 hours ago  17 Illustration: Smaranda Tolosano This guide was written by GIJN’s Resource Center director Nikolia Apostolou and GIJN reporter Rowan Philp. Editing was by Reed Richardson and Laura Dixon. Illustrations are by Smaranda … continue reading

ARTICLE: IRE Journal – “Undercover Reporting: An American Tradition”

“The point is, undercover reporting has continued, ethical conundrums and all, in a steady and uninterrupted flow since at least the 1840s. . . ” continue reading

REVIEW: International Journal of Communication, Undercover Reporting: The Truth About Deception

“while Undercover Reporting will certainly help spin the wheels of debate over journalistic ethics in undercover forays . . . what is arguably more important is the notable contribution it makes to chronicling the evolution of a long-standing practice in American journalism.” continue reading

REVIEW: Journal of Pacific History, “Undercover Reporting: The Truth About Deception”

“She proceeds to make her case in detail: over almost 300 pages of text and 175 pages of notes and bibliography.” continue reading

ARTICLE: “Journalists Go Undercover to Report on Slavery”

“Telling true stories about slavery often requires the use of surreptitious techniques.” continue reading