The Suffragents Events Log: Brooke’s “Summer Camp Newsletters” from the Road

Brooke Kroeger at the East Hampton 1913 Suffrage Rally Re-Enactment, August 28, 2017 (Photo: Roy Parker)

November 21, 2017

You might well ask why I risked the inherent dopey-ness of  creating and sharing these summer camp newsletter-style  entries—real-time logs, digital scrapbooks—of the more than a score of  suffrage-related events I’ve been part of during the launch period of The Suffragents. There were reasons.

I did it, in part, to experiment with the various uses of social media in book promotion, sure.

I did it, in part, to thank, honor, and feature the many wonderful people who invited me to speak, shared a paltform with me, or enabled so many of these events to be so special.

Certainly, I did it to celebrate and trumpet the underlying importance of the centennial of women’s suffrage in New York State.

But most of all, this was a way of my own to help widen the current cultural conversation about issues this book addresses so squarely: the crucial role of men in the ability of women to achieve equal rights; the exemplary model developed to do so by men of another era; and what that can teach us about helping with causes not our own; about how to be a great ally, in the current parlance.

I also did it because it was fun.

I’ve been up and down the roads from Long Island to Albany several times with a detour to Little Rock in October, oh, and one in August to Chicago, to meet with the great team that has assembled around the database and the forthcoming April 2019 special suffrage centennial issue of American Journalism, not represented below.

Here below is an index in reverse chronological order. And at the following links are reviews of the book , notices and articles about the Suffragents, and Brooke’s related articles in various publications since April 2017.

Greater Astoria Historical Society in Long Island City — February 5, 2018

The winter/spring Suffragents kickoff, just across the East River.  continue reading

Brookhaven League of Women Voters at the Longwood Public Library – November 20, 2017

Back to Long Island for the fall finale of the Suffragents road show. This one, on November 20th, for the League of Women Voters of Brookhaven . . . continue reading

Researching New York Conference/SUNY Albany: “Out Front & In the Shadows” Plus Plus – November 17, 2017

“What delight to be in the company of such distinguished men who have chosen to focus their research in subject matter that is invariably the province of women scholars.” continue reading

Suffolk County Historical Society’s Book & Bottle Series: The Suffragents, November 16, 2017

There are two vitrines filled with ephemera representing Suffolk County’s best known suffragists, none of whom, as it happens, had “suffrage husbands.” The major Long Island figures were James Lees Laidlaw, Ward Melville, Norman De Rapelye Whitehouse, and Stephen Hewlett. continue reading

Gotham Center for New York City History: “When the Editorial Elite Threw Their Fedoras Into the Ring for Women’s Rights” – Brooke Kroeger

“These men of the press did not stay out of the fray. They stood up, spoke up, and acted up. They took sides to help right a wrong. They were prescient about the course history was poised to take, indeed, needed to take, and they helped history to take it.” continue reading


A Panel at CUNY Graduate Center for the Gotham Center for New York City History with Lauren Santangelo, Susan Goodier, Brooke Kroeger, Dawn Scibilia, and Peter-Christian Aigner, November 10, 2017

“a gestalt of just some of the highlights from the pro-suffrage arguments men made during the campaign – by profession.” continue reading

NYU Center for the Humanities: When Modern Men Became Feminists with Gail Collins, Christoph Irmscher and Brooke Kroeger

“If you engage in a cause as an ally, don’t try to set the tone,” says Christoph Irmscher, author of Max Eastman: A Life. continue reading

To Albany for 2020: Commitment to the Vision at the New York State Museum “Votes for Women” Exhibition Opening and then to sign books in Rhinebeck at the historic Beekman Arms

November 4 and 5, 2017 A Suffrage-laden Weekend in the Hudson Valley Saturday was the weekend’s main event so just a few highlights from a great day at the Cultural Education Center and New York State Museum at Empire Plaza … continue reading

NYU Black Box Theater: “Hear Them Roar: The Fight for Women’s Rights” – Talk Back for the Steinhardt Program in Educational Theater

October 26, 2017 I wasn’t sure what it meant to be invited to do the “talk back” after a theatrical performance, so I had to ask. At a reception for my colleague, Ed Berenson, at NYU’s La Maison Française, I … continue reading

A Perfect Day at the Cemetery: Of Woodlawn, Suffragists Men and Women, Nellie Bly, Great Musicians, October 22, 2017

“We could start with the eeriness of being invited to speak at Woodlawn Cemetery and  Conservancy on my late mother’s birthday.” continue reading

The East Hampton Library’s Annual Tom Twomey Lecture in Local History Celebrates Long Island in the Suffrage Movement, October 19, 2017

New York State Assemblyman Fred Thiele, wearing his yellow “Votes for Women” sash, presented a proclamation in honor of the suffrage centennial. continue reading

From Pant(aloons) to Pussy Hats: About Strategy, Change, and the Power of Political Statement – A Panel at the American Journalism Historians Conference in Little Rock, October 14, 2017

“From Pant(aloons) to Pussyhats” examines ways that women have historically employed articles of clothing and manners of grooming as symbols in feminist campaigns for social change. Because these campaigns often employed media spectacle, their symbolism is of interest to media historians.”

At the Fall Luncheon of the New York Genealogical & Biographical Society – Sarabeth’s Park Avenue South – October 10, 2017

“This is the first time the audience included a high percentage of men.” continue reading

Full, Knowledgable House at the New York Society Library for “Remember the Ladies and Don’t Forget the Gentlemen” September 28, 2017 – with Video

Sharing the opportunity with Angela was especially fine. continue reading

Meeting Harriet Backus Todd, Granddaughter of Two Suffrage Movement Greats

“The Harvard Crimson reports on the men who formed its campus Men’s League for Woman Suffrage. Read below about alumni who did the same.” continue reading

Scenes from the New York City Launch of The Suffragents on September 11, 2017 at the Corner Bookstore and Thereafter

It was a really good night. continue reading

The Suffragents Launch – East Hampton Library (and party report), September 1, 2017

Have a look at this photo gallery from the evening. Folks seemed to have a lot of fun. continue reading

When Direct Descendants (of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Harriot Stanton Blatch) Come to Call

“. . . more than 150 women and a few proud suffragents, almost all dressed in white, gathered on Main Street to re-enact a 1913 suffrage rally . . . ” continue reading

Remembering Mae Groot Manson (and Thomas L. Manson, too)

On June 1, 2017, the Village of East Hampton unveiled a new historical marker to honor the most outstanding suffragist on the East End of Long Island, Mae F. Groot Manson, a wife and mother of three. The Mansons were … continue reading

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Upcoming events 2018: February 21: unCommon Salon@theResearch Commons of NYU Libraries. March 4: Westchester County League of Women Voters. March 6: Decision Women in Commerce & Professions Women’s History Month DinnerMarch 10: Keynote, Joint Journalism & Communications Historians Conference, New York City. April 15: Nassau County and Farmingdale-Bethpage historical societies at the Farmingdale Public LibraryApril 29: St. George’s School. May 20: Women’s Suffrage and NYC: A Centennial Celebration Symposium: Bronx Historical Society and Woodlawn Cemetery  June 14: Roosevelt Island Historical Society. August 4: Shelter Island Historical Society.

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