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A Week in Mid-September: Private Events for Undaunted in New York City, September 18 and 20, 2023

September 20, 2023

Privacy policies prohibit me from saying or showing more, but I can tell you that despite a deluge, full-on UN General Assembly gridlock, and President Biden in vicino, a long-scheduled event for Undaunted still attracted a full house and lively book sales on September 18. The audience and the interlocutor, who deserves a credit by name, were really superb.

Two days later, I was at the New York City home of my friend Patti Kenner for the second Undaunted talk of the week. Hard act to follow: a book talk Patti hosted the week before for the remarkable Rose Styron had her speaking about her new memoir, Beyond This Harbor, which sketches a well-packed life in the literary and humanitarian spheres. Mrs. Styron is 95. Patti organizes a week of events around her birthday each year, which actually takes place on September 22. This birthday was her 79th. Everyone will tell you this: Patti is remarkable.

For the Undaunted evening, there were drinks, the speech, the questions, and a delicious dinner of shepherd’s pie and greens followed by a tasty meringue with berries. I ate everything. Best of all was the group of friends Patti assembled, several of whom we share as friends or at least acquaintances. These include Joan Goldberg; Malka Margolies; the distinguished biographer of Eleanor Roosevelt (and my pal), Blanche Cook; the poet and librettist Clare Coss (also¬† my pal); and New York assemblywoman Rebecca Seawright. I was just as excited to meet and have dinner next to the splendid actor and singer Tovah Feldshuh (on the recommendation of my sister by another mother, Marsha Pinson, I just downloaded the actor/singer’s memoir, Lilyville: Mother, Daughter and Other Roles I’ve Played; she narrates) and to meet June Massell and learn about her journalism career. So many other lovely folks! For Undaunted and me, it was a splendid week.

Happy Birthday, Patti! And thank you for having Undaunted as part of your annual Patti-fest! Video and a few snapshots follow.