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June 1, 2023


The “Happened” listings below “Upcoming” include Brooke’s posts about Undaunted happenings, often with audio and/or video recordings 

JUNE 5 St. Louis HEC-TV Interview with Angie Weidinger

JUNE 5 New York City, National Arts Club,  Book Talk, Brooke, Undaunted, with Sarah Watling, Tomorrow, Perhaps the Future, moderated by Laurie Gwen Shapiro, 8pm ET

JUNE 7 Zoom Book Talk, Brooke for The Transition Network, 4pm ET

JUNE 10 East Hampton, NY,  East Hampton Library, co-sponsored with Bookhampton, in person and online, Brooke in conversation with Jim Rutenberg and Lynn Sherr, who are both in the book, 6:15pm ET

JUNE 20 Fairhope, AL, Page and Palette, Brooke in conversation with Dianne Bragg of the University of Alabama, Fairhope, Alabama, 6pm CT

JULY 18 Zoom New York Times Alumni Group

AUGUST 12 East Hampton NY, Brooke is participating in East Hampton Library’s Authors Night, in Herrick Park, East Hampton, NY 5pm ET

AUGUST 16 New York City Bryant Park Reading Room Non-Fiction Series, sponsored by The New York Public Library and The New York Historical Society, 7pm ET

SEPTEMBER 28-30 Columbus Brooke is attending the American Journalism Historians Convention

OCTOBER 13-15 Chicago Brooke is attending the Journalism & Women Symposium (JAWS) Camp

Happened 2023

MAY 31 The Guardian review/interview by Veronica Esposito

MAY 31 Undaunted is NPR‘s “Book of the Day” (podcast, audio)

MAY 30 Journalisten, the Oslo-based media magazine, featured Undaunted and Brooke in a piece by Emil Mohr (article).

MAY 25 LitHub posts excerpt from Undaunted: “From Rarefied to Beloved: The Path from Molly Ivins to Joan Didion” and repeated it May 28 for its weekend edition. (article)

MAY 24 Interview with Scott Simon of NPR on his Open Book family podcast on Twitter (audio, podcast, video)

MAY 24 St. Louis Speech at the St. Louis County Library Foundation breakfast (post, audio)

MAY 23 St. Louis Interview on The Jennifer & Wendy Show, KTRS (audio)

MAY 23 St. Louis, Conversation with KMOX anchor Debbie Monterrey, St. Louis County Library Foundation, Westfall Politics & History Series (post, audio)

MAY 22 St. Louis Interview with Debbie Monterrey AM KMOX Total Information (audio)

MAY 20 Interview with Scott Simon NPR Weekend Edition Saturday; producer Samantha Balaban, May 20, 2023 (audio)

MAY 18 New York City Reading at The Corner Bookstore (post, video)

MAY 18 Cameo in Nebraska Public Media‘s “Seven Years a Correspondent,” a mini-documentary about Beverly Deepe, a young woman freelancer who showed up in Vietnam in 1962, the early days of American engagement in the war, and stayed the longest of any US correspondent. (post, watch)

MAY 15 New York City Book Talk with Kate Bolick at the New York Genealogical & Biographical Society (post, audio)

MAY 6  Montclair, NJ Panel: “The Fight for Equality” at the Montclair Literary Festival with Kate Zernicke, The Exceptions and Regan Penaluna, How to Think Like a Woman. Moderated by Gabrielle Glaser, Montclair Public Library Auditorium (post, audio)

MAY 5 Podcast Interview, Cafe Terrance Your Friend in Paris,” Episode 50 (audio)

MAY 4 Speech New York City Author Evening PEN America, hosted by Gail Gregg (post, audio)

MAY 1 “Book Award Interview,” Historiography of Journalism and Mass Communications, Q&A with Brooke (article)

MAY 1 “Book Essay: Undaunted: How Women Changed American Journalism“American Journalism Historians Association, The Intelligencer (article)

MARCH 23 Book Talk Zoom NYU American Journalism Online with Kim Todd, author of Sensational: The Hidden History of the Stunt Girls, and Jonathan Segal, editor of Undaunted and A.A. Knopf vice president and executive editor (post)

MARCH 20 Speech New York City New York Society Library Donor Appreciation Reception (post)

MARCH 12 Book Talk Zoom National Capital Lawyers Auxiliary with Diana Belchase (post)

FEBRUARY 16 Cameo KFAI, Brooke appears in Ben Heath’s audio documentary of Eva Gay aka Eva McDonald Valesh for the station’s Minneculture series (audio)

FEBRUARY 14 Interview ABC Radio Adelaide, Live radio interview, “Guess Who’s Coming to Brunch?” (Nellie Bly) on Mornings with David Bevan (audio)

JANUARY 26 Speech, Zoom only, Dartmouth College, Brooke on Nellie Bly for the classes of Alexis Jetter

JANUARY 30 Presenter, New York City The Newswomen’s Club of New York, Front Page Awards, Centennial Gala (post)


NOVEMBER 18 Moderator, New York City, New York Historical Society, Moderator for Allison Gilbert and Julie Golia, Women’s History Salon (post)

OCTOBER 1 Moderator, Memphis TN, American Journalism Historians Association Convention 2022, “Meet Us at the Corner Where Journalism, Race, and Gender Intersect” (post)

JUNE 3 Zoom PresentationAmerican Journalism Historians Association, J-History Salon First Friday, preview of Undaunted: How Women Changed American Journalism (post)