Review, Undaunted

Media Report to Women: Review of Undaunted, Winter 2023

February 1, 2023

By Sheila Gibbons

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” . . . a significant reference work on women in American journalism . . . with the key moments in their professional lives brought to life with useful and engaging detail.It is also a useful index to American culture, illustrating how acceptance of women reporters and editors was glacial and incremental, how deeply entrenched newsroom sexism has been, and the degree to which those factors affected the way news consumers thought and think about life in the United States. . . . Kroeger’s principal contribution has been the breadth of her catalog and how up to date it is, including events as late as mid-2022, and her welcome documentation of the way women journalists were change agents for their profession. She includes a detailed, 140-page ‘Notes and Sources’ section that by itself is a tremendous resource.