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The Dutch Treat Club: with David Alpern, October 10, 2023

October 10, 2023

This was the image on invitation to speak to the Dutch Treat Club October 10th. The experience, was, well, a treat. It took place at lunchtime, at 3 West, aka, the Women’s National Republican Club, where I spoke about The Suffragents back in May 2019 as part of the club’s suffrage centennial commemoration.

Back to the 10th: Here’s more about  the delightful Quinn Lemley, who was, you could say, the opening act for this group that meets not monthly but weekly for lunch, entertainment, and a speaker. She led off the day’s program like this:

I followed her in an interview ably conducted by David Alpern, a Newsweek print and radio vet at whose invitation I was brought to this fascinating assemblage of a group that has been in existence—who knew?—since 1902. As it happened, David reviewed Undaunted for the East Hampton Star this past summer, so he knew the book well. He is also responsible for the invitation I received to do an event with him at Southampton’s Rogers Memorial Library that took place on November 8th.

At 3 West, among those with us at David’s table were his wife, Sylvia, the art attorney Barbara Hoffman, and three paragons of journalism women’s history: Pat Lynden, Sandra Gary, and Lucy Howard, all key players in the legal action against Newsweek in 1970 that set off a domino effect across the journalism landscape. Lynn Povich’s 2012 book, The Good Girls Revolt, tells the story in full detail. I cobbled this photo together of the three Newsweek vets:

Pat Lynden, Sondra Gray, and Lucy Howard

Early in Barbara Hoffman’s career, she told us, she worked in civil rights under Ruth Bader Ginsberg on several parallel cases as women in other fields sought equity. In journalism, the Newsweek women started an avalanche. In short order, women took action at The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Washington Star, Time Inc., the Detroit Press, Readers’ Digest and elsewhere. In Undaunted, it’s the beginning of Chapter 15, “Collective Action.”

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Here’s my iPhone scan of the room with David in place, doing introduction duty:

And below, please find David’s recording of the interview, followed by his Youtube compilation of the event, replete with images and a transcription of our talk.



And…a photo of David and me with the club’s president, the impresario Nancy McGraw.

With Nancy McGraw and David Alpern