Front Pages Front Lines, Review

American Historical Review: Front Pages, Front Lines, Reviewed by Amber Roessner, September 2023

September 1, 2023

“. . .Though chapters that provide insight into how movement ideas and logics circulated through mainstream, niche, and activist media, including those offered by Steiner (chapter 2), Kroeger (chapter 9), and Teri Finneman (chapter 7), certainly are valuable in offering new glimpses into how elite actors in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries utilized mainstream media to craft emotionally charged rhetoric and experimental narratives about votes for women in order to influence public sentiment about the matter, the greatest strength of the volume lies at its intersections, particularly the contributions that offer intersectional analyses about the roles of race, region, and religion in the battle over women’s suffrage and new insights into the liminal intersection in the “continuous story with many coexisting characters and themes,” otherwise known as the history of American women’s political activism (223).”

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