Notice, Quoted, Undercover Reporting

California Magazine: Virtue and Vice: Shane Bauer Puts the Teeth Back Into Undercover Reporting, by Katia Savchuk

March 28, 2017


“But acceptance of the deception that undercover reporting requires may be growing, at least when it’s done judiciously. When Dana Priest and Anne Hull of the Washington Post reported on the maltreatment of Iraq war veterans at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in 2007, they visited the facility without telling officials they were reporters or brandishing notebooks or recorders. The resulting exposé won a Pulitzer Prize and immediate reforms. Brooke Kroeger, a journalism professor at New York University, highlights this example in Undercover Reporting: The Truth About Deception, her 2012 clarion call for a renewed embrace of the practice: “… over and over again, ‘going undercover’ has proved to be an indispensable tool in the high-value, high-impact journalism of changing systems and righting wrongs.”

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