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Full, Knowledgable House at the New York Society Library for “Remember the Ladies and Don’t Forget the Gentlemen” September 28, 2017 – with Video

September 29, 2017

[Video of the Society Library Event posted below]

September 28, 2017

Angela P. Dodson’s new book, Remember the Ladies, traces the story of women and ballot through its entire history, re-inserting many significant elements long neglected. It was a delight to join her on the platform in the reading room of the storied New York Society Library, where, since I started writing books in 1990, I have spent many days. (I even remember the long-departed pay phone at the top of the stairs to the 2nd floor.)  The collection is full of surprises, especially if early 20th century books and magazines figure in the research. Huge thanks to the library for making this event possible and for keeping the flame so brightly lit.

Sharing the opportunity with Angela was especially fine. At her suggestion, we used a format of “Ten Things You May Not Have Known about the Suffrage Movement.” Her breadth of information about the movement from its pre-beginnings was illuminating. I followed up with the final decade of the campaign (1909-19), the point where the Men’s League came into being to do its useful part.

In the crowd were authors and performers researching aspects of their own suffrage stories. Several took the opportunity to share their work during the Q&A.

Here are a few snapshots, courtesy of my sister-in-law, Viviana Kasam (who gave up “Norma” at the Met for this presentation), including one of the violin carving embedded in the elegant woodwork. When this perfect room was part of a home, it’s a safe guess that music often filled it.

  • Brooke Kroeger and Angela P. Dodson, getting ready for our presentation at the New York Society Library "Remember the Ladies and Don't Forget the Gentlemen."

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Here’s a video of the entire event, courtesy of the New York Society Library.