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HumanitiesNY: “Susan B. Anthony to Wonder Woman – “Women’s Suffrage and the Media” Research Database Chronicles Right-to-Vote Movement

June 20, 2017


June 20, 2017

Susan B. Anthony to Wonder Woman–“Women’s Suffrage and the Media” Research Database Chronicles Right-to-Vote Movement

Susan B. Anthony to Wonder Woman–“Women…base Chronicles Right-to-Vote Movement


The original version of this post appeared here on June 19, 2017, by NYU.

Women’s Suffrage and the Media,” an online database and resource site launched this month, includes primary and secondary sources that chronicle and examine the suffrage movement as portrayed in news, propaganda, advertising, entertainment, and other aspects of public life.

The database, hosted by New York University’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute and conceived by NYU journalism professor Brooke Kroeger and a group of American Journalism Historians Association members, aims to serve a diverse group of users—from middle schoolers and life-long learners to academic researchers and journalists.

“Our purpose in launching now is not only to add value to the New York suffrage centennial celebrations by providing wide access to actual material from the period and the most astute reflections about it, but also to start an ongoing showcase of the impact of media—pro or con, in all its form—on social and political movements,” explains Kroeger. “Undoubtedly, much of the media of the suffrage campaign period was New York-born and New York-borne.”

“Women’s Suffrage and the Media” (, launched in the run-up to the 100th anniversary (Nov. 6) of the winning of the right to vote for the women of New York State, is being populated daily. It currently includes materials ranging from contemporary pro-suffrage essays written by W.E.B. DuBois for the Crisis, anti-suffrage cartoons, and Nellie Bly’s seminal New York World profile of Susan B. Anthony as well as a summary of Jill Lepore’s The Suffrage Roots of Wonder Woman (2014) and a 2013 C-SPAN roundtable on the topic.

A team of researchers will add to the site’s resources throughout the centennial celebration period. Its editors are accepting summaries, documents, academic papers, and images. For submission guidelines, please click here. To submit materials, please click here.

The website also serves as a multimedia resource companion to a forthcoming special suffrage issue of American Journalism: A Journal of Media History, which will be published in 2019.

The project, backed by funding from Humanities New York and the Carter Journalism Institute, also includes the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland and the Department of Journalism of the Klein College of Media and Communication at Temple University.

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Photo credit: “A pro-suffrage essay written by journalist George Creel in 1915,” New York University.