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League of Women Voters of Westchester County: Champagne Fundraiser Rescheduled for Sunday, March 25, 2018

March 25, 2018




March 25, 2018

The deep-snow aftermath of the March 4, 2018 Nor’easter caused a rescheduling to March 25 of the long-planned “Champagne Fundraiser” of the League of Women Voters of Westchester in Scarsdale. This time, the weather made the day all the nicer.

Below the reprint of the article that appeared in Scarsdale10583, you’ll find a series of three (amateur) videos: League President Mary Lou Green‘s introductory remarks, my speech on The Suffragents, and the Q&A that followed. After that come several dozen snapshots we took to give you a sense of the fabulous women—and men!—of the Westchester County League and the delightful day they planned and executed.

Don’t miss the excitement of that pure white poodle.

Thank you to Ira and Janice Starr, for hosting in their beautiful home, to Mary Lou Green and Ricki Gardner, the League’s development chief, for taking the lead in bringing the afternoon together.. I never cease to be impressed by the work of the League of Women Voters as I’ve encountered it in events these past year from East Hampton to Albany. Thank you inviting me to be a small part in your superb efforts.

The details from Scarscdale 10583‘s founder, Joanne Wallenstein:


Here is  part of Mary Lou Green’s introduction that our able iPhone videographer managed to capture:



Here are my remarks . . .



. .. and the Q&A, with shout-outs to Harry Thomas Burn, a Republican member of the Tennessee General Assembly, who became the youngest member of the state legislature at age twenty-two and took his place in women’s suffrage history in a single act.



And as many snapshots as we could take!


  • The beautiful venue